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Between the gorgeous scenic views, the crisp mountain air, and the whopping 300 inches of snow accumulated annually, it stands to reason why Colorado is one of the coolest (pun intended) places to take your skiing game to new levels. Overall, not only is Colorado a wonderful place to visit in general, but it is also home to some of the best slopes that the US has to offer and ultimately attracts over 12M skiers every year.

But here’s the zinger.

With 22 different resorts across 29,758 acres, it can be hard to nail down which iconic slopes to hit from the bunch. That is especially true if this is your first time heading to Colorado for a ski vacation. So, as a kind gesture, we compiled a list of the best ski resorts in Colorado. Places such as the Beaver Creek Ski Resort, Breckenridge village, and Vail Ski Resort are included. All of which are guaranteed to make your ski adventure nothing but a memorable one.

Breckenridge Village

Home of the most popular ski resort in Colorado and North America’s highest chairlift, Breckenridge Village is first up on this ski list – and for good reasons. Featuring an elevation high of 9,600 feet, 2,908 skiable acres across five different peaks, and 187 trails; Breckenridge Village is an excellent ski location that has a little something for everyone. The cool part is that when you finish hitting the many slopes, you can explore the old west architecture; and learn all about the area’s extensive gold-mining past.

How to get there: Airports near Breckenridge Village

The Eagle/Vail Regional Airport or the Denver International Airport (DIA). Eagle/Vail Airport is located 71 miles from Breckenridge, while the Denver International Airport is 104 miles away.

Vail Ski Resort

Located within the White River National Forest, the Vail Ski Resort is a perfect winterized outlet for those who admire both skiing and snowboarding alike. As a top ski resort in Colorado for the last 6+ decades, Vail possesses 5,300 skiable areas that can satisfy all the adrenaline junkies out there. Even more, Vail also holds the longest run, clocking in a total of four miles. Intertwining this, along with the heated cobblestone streets and chalets, you can be confident that your entire Vail experience will surely be one worth documenting in the books. If you\’re on the fence about going to Vail or Aspen, read our article on the differences and similarities between Aspen and Vail.

If you need a place to stay, take a look at the Best Hotels in Vail, Co.

How to get there: Airports near Vail Ski Resort

Take your pick between the Denver International Airport (DIA) or the Eagle County Regional Airport (EGE). The Denver International Airport (DIA) is 120 miles away from the Vail Ski Resort; while the Eagle County Airport (EGE) is 35 miles away.

Beaver Creek Ski Resort

Beaver Creek (which recently added in an additional 250 acreage of lift-serving ski terrain in the McCoy Park area) is another one to consider adding to your bucket list. This family-friendly, beginner, and overall relaxing location has over 150 naturally groomed trails and 1,800 skiable acres that all ski levelers can enjoy. And if you want to bypass the crowds entirely. You can sign up for the Beaver Creek First Tracks program. Where you can be the first to break in the untouched slopes of the day. PS: If you are a snowshoer, bring that gear along as well to experience this fan-favorite snowshoeing area.

How to get there: Airports near Beaver Creek Ski Resort

The Denver International Airport (DIA) or the Eagle County Regional Airport (EGE). The Denver International Airport (DIA) is 133 miles from the Beaver Creek Ski Resort. While the Eagle County Regional Airport (EGE) is 27 miles away.

Aspen Snowmass

Located in Snowmass Village right near Aspen, the Aspen Snowmass ski resort is a duo owned between these two complexes. As a quick overview, Aspen Snowmass was first established back in 1967. And is one of the four largest Aspen/Snowmass mountains with 3,362 skiing acres. Breaking it down some more. Buttermilk is excellent if you are a beginner or want to learn more about the Winter X Games. Snowmass is for those who want extended sloping miles. Aspen Highlands is for all you advanced skiers. And Aspen Mountain is great for those who wish to ski and then explore the town right after. As a final note, Aspen Snowmass is also a celebrity favorite, so keep your eyes open for some familiar faces! Even though Aspen and Breckenridge are both ski resorts, they have their share of differences; If you wish, you can read our blog about Breckenridge vs. Aspen, in which we will discuss the similarities and differences of both.

If you would like to get an in-depth look at Aspen, you can take a look at our Aspen 101 blog.

How to get there: Airports near Aspen Snowmass

Did you know that you can fly straight to Aspen without stopping at the Denver International Airport (DIA)? The Aspen/Pitkin airport makes it easier for travelers to reach Aspen Snowmass without requiring the assistance of any transportation services from the Denver airport to Aspen. This public-use airport is about seven miles from the Aspen Snowmass Ski resort. However, if you prefer driving to the ski resort, it’s about 220 miles from the Denver International Airport (DIA). It’s essential to check that your car is AWD, has snow tires, and the maintenance is up to date.

Telluride Ski Resort

If you are a beginner or an intermediate skier, then Telluride is hands down a resort to consider opting for this skiing season. In conjunction with that, if you are a history buff, then you can accentuate the skiing experience by taking one of the many history tours before gliding down the beautiful, elongated slopes. Then when you are done, you can check out America’s highest elevated restaurant Alpino Vino; coming in at 11,966 ft above sea level and overlooking the San Juan Mountains. Keep in mind that even though 60% of the Telluride landscape is dedicated to beginners and intermediates, advanced skiers still have the remaining 40% to either simply enjoy or improve their pro-level skills.

How to get there: Airports near Telluride Ski Resort

The closest regional airport is the Telluride Regional Airport, while the closest International Airport is the Denver International Airport (DIA). Telluride Regional Airport is 7 miles away, while the Denver International Airport is 360 miles away.

Winter Park

Noted as one of the stronger snow proles in Colorado (second highest with a prole of 347 annual inches), Winter Park is a skier mountain dream for all walks of life to take advantage of. This prime area has 3,081 skiable acres, 166 designated trails you can explore, and even 1,212 acres of off-piste terrain that the more experienced skiers can venture off into. Furthermore, Winter Park has a 9,000-foot base elevation with virtually zero landscapes facing the south; this skiing resort is an elite snow preserver.

How to get there: Airports near Winter Park

The closest International Airport to Winter Park is the Denver International Airport (DIA). The distance between is 90 miles.

Keystone Resort

Keystone resort is the best place to be for anyone looking to amplify their skiing (or snowboarding) experience while in Colorado. Why? Because Keystone is one of the only ski resorts in Colorado that is fully open starting in October, allowing you to feed your skiing craving early with their 3,000 acres of powder. Coupling that with its many complimentary amenities like their gear wagons, free admission for kids under 12, and $0 shuttle services that enable you to move your stuff from A to B quickly, all make Keystone a fantastic, family-friendly location to make memories in.

How to get there: Airports near Keystone Resort

The closest airport to Keystone Resort is Eagle County Regional Airport (EGE) which is 73 miles away. The Denver International Airport (DIA) is also another option at 92 miles away.

Wolf Creek Ski Resort

Is powder skiing on your radar? If so, then Wolf Creek just might be an essential addition to add to your Colorado itinerary this season. Located right outside Pagosa Springs in the San Juan Mountains, Wolf Creek is best known for its massive amounts of snow, averaging over 35 feet annually. In addition, the ski area itself has a base-level elevation of 10,300, a summit elevation of 11,900, and contains a vast range of terrains across 1,600 acres that appeal to both beginners and pros equally.

How to get there: Airports near Wolf Creek Ski Resort

The closest airport is the Durango-La Plata County Airport. Its location is 81 miles away from the Wolf Creek Ski Resort. The closest International Airport is the Albuquerque International Airport at 230 miles.

Silverton Mountain

Last but certainly not least, this top list of ski resorts in Colorado would not be complete without a Silverton Mountain highlight. Offering one of the most unique/rustic skiing experiences on this list, Silverton Mountain harmoniously bridges the backcountry skiing feel but with modern lifts involved. The area itself typically gets about 400+ inches of snow accumulation each year; It does not usually have groomed ski runs – something that powder lovers often dream about. In general, Silverton is a great skiing resort to consider, but only if you are an advanced or expert skier. In Short, beginners may want to work their way up the tier chain a bit more before tackling this powdered-rich hot spot.

How to get there: Airports near Silverton Mountain

The closest regional airport to Silverton Mountain is the Durango La Plata County Airport, located 69 miles away. However, if you’re looking for an international airport, the closest one is 272 miles away at Albuquerque International Airport Sunport.

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