Breckenridge vs. Aspen: The Similarities and Differences

Breckenridge or Aspen

Denver to Breckenridge or Denver to Aspen? Overall, the Breckenridge vs. Aspen debate is probably one of the most challenging choices to decide when organizing a Colorado ski trip. After all, both are two of the most popular skiing areas in this state and hold so much historical value and innate beauty that make them so intrinsic to explore.

But as similar as these two prime locations are, they also hold their fair share of differences that make them unique. So, if you happen to be on the fence on whether to make camp at Breckenridge or Aspen this peak season, then below is a comprehensive breakdown of each. Not only was this content designed to deliver deep-dive insight on each premier place, but it ultimately help guide you in the right direction, so you can feel confident you made the right choice the moment your skis touch the powder.

Breckenridge vs. Aspen: The Similarities

Wide Variety of Winter Activities/Events

Though Breckenridge and Aspen are both highly popular for their fantastic skiing opportunities, that is not all these two prime places have to offer.  It makes them both ideal for people who enjoy hitting the slopes or not. Breckenridge or Aspen, both locations are filled with various non-ski-related activities and events. Such as ice skating, snowmobiling, diverse workshops. And a whole array of annual festivities you can partake in. Some of those include Breckenridge’s tree lighting event and their four-day Ullr Fest and Aspen’s Ullr Nights every Friday. Ranging from December to April at Snowmass. And their Winter X Games in January. In short, there is a little something for everyone at Breckenridge or Aspen.

Tons of Dining Options

Despite if you are on a mission to travel from Denver to Breckenridge or from Denver to Aspen, you can have the peace of mind that dining will not be a problem at either location. Sure, Aspen possesses more of an upscale feel. And Breckenridge has that laid-back/casual vibe. But each offers a massive array of different dining experiences that are well worth working an appetite up for. Even though Breckenridge has 11 on-mountain cafeteria/fast food style restaurants across the peaks, keep in mind, it only has one full-service. On the other hand, Aspen has several in/around the ski resort. The hottest rated ones are The White House Tavern, Pyramid Bistro, Creperie du Village, and Paradise Bakery & Café.

Offer Authentic Historical Experiences

Let’s take a moment to appreciate just how historically rich both Breckenridge and Aspen genuinely are. As two of the most popular places, both areas possess an organic historical feel that has been well-preserved throughout time. Even with Aspen being a luxury place favored by celebrities, you can still get that charming mountain sense both on the resort and throughout the town like Breckenridge. The best part is that both locations have many historical museums that you can check out, like the Aspen Art Museum and the many Breckenridge town museums, along with their renowned historical tours.

Fun Fact: Breckenridge is the largest historic district in Colorado.

Features Walkable-Ranged Amenities

When you go to a ski resort, there is nothing more appealing than being able to take a break and enjoy other incredible experiences just a few steps away. With that being said, Breckenridge and Aspen each have their own variety of walkable amenities that you can explore when you need a break from the slopes. Some of those are the museums noted above, but also tons of downtown shopping, galleries, boutiques, and dining you can venture through. Walking through Aspen, in particular, you will likely nd several luxury/name brand stores and outfitters as well. In a nutshell, you have instant access to so many entertaining things aside from skiing in both of these places – ranging from shopping, dining to everything else in-between.

Breckenridge vs. Aspen: The Differences

The Location (Denver to Breckenridge vs. Denver to Aspen)

As similar and loved as Breckenridge and Aspen are as a whole, their locations play a significant factor in people’s choices of going with Breckenridge vs. Aspen or vice versa. Logistically speaking, Denver to Breckenridge is about a 90-minute drive making it a short trip regardless of whether you live in the city or are flying to the airport in Denver. The only problem here is that Breckenridge is often crowded during the peak skiing season since it’s such an easy-to-get-to area. Alternatively, Denver to Aspen is a much longer haul, clocking in at about three and a half hours. Or, if you have some extra budget to spare, you can take advantage of one of their privately-owned airports (like ASE) that allows you to land right in the middle of the action.

Denver to Breckenridge

Denver to Aspen


Cost is another prime difference when it comes to deciding to venture to Breckenridge or Aspen. If you are unfamiliar with the Aspen atmosphere, this is an upscaled area; It’s a prime vacationing spot for celebrities and hedge fund managers. Breckenridge is also a well-put-together, upper-middle-class area but has a much more relaxed and casual nature. Picture more small business owners heading that way instead of celebrities. These reputations inevitably reflect on prices. For some insight, a Breckenridge lift pass will cost about $80-$150 per day. On the other hand, an Aspen pass will be more like $120-$180. These higher costs are also reflected in accommodations, shopping, and dining as well.

Size and Ski Space

Cost and location aside, the last notable difference between Breckenridge vs. Aspen is their sizes and skiable space. In terms of skiable acres, Aspen is hands down the winner. Yes, Breckenridge has five peaks, and Aspen has only three (Aspen Highlands, Aspen Mountain, and Buttermilk), but it has a collective skiable acreage of 2,185 with 238 runs. If you add Aspen Snowmass, about 30 minutes away, the size expands to 332 runs within a 10-mile radius.

Breckenridge has 2,908 skiable acres across 155 runs, but it is all contained within a single resort. This means at Breckenridge, you have less acreage but many more options without traveling far to reach them. As a final note here, Aspen may be more prominent. Still, it only has 37 lifts, and Breckenridge has 34. Breckenridge also has the tallest chairlift across North America – The Imperial Express SuperChair.

Summary - Which One Is Better

Breckenridge vs. Aspen, which one is better in the end? The fact is that when it comes to traveling from Denver to Aspen or from Denver to Breckenridge, there are clear-cut differences between these locations that make them so authentically unique. However, the answer to which one is better boils down to you and what you want to get out of your skiing trip this season. Each offers impressive ski runs alongside other wonderful winter activities, and each can deliver different vibe experiences while there.

Overall, the choice is ultimately yours. As long as you go with the location that meets your plan, you have the solidifying confidence that you will have an epic time. If you need a more in-depth look at Aspen, read our article Aspen 101.

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