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The days of calling a cab company and sitting in an uncomfortable old Ford Crown Victoria are just about obsolete these days. With the rise of Ride Share companies and the ease of using your vehicle, more people opt to ride in style and find it more affordable and worth the price.  Although rideshare companies tend to be the top choice for transportation services, there’s a contention that private chauffeur or limo service is the better option and sometimes more affordable than Uber or Lyft. Here are some advantages and disadvantages of hiring each service and why we think private luxury service is the top choice for transportation to wherever you need to go.


Rideshare services are abundant in just about every city giving many people with a decent car the ability to sign up. However, choosing to ride with a company like Uber or Lyft has its advantages and disadvantages, and you should understand the risks versus rewards when taking a ride. 


All rideshares have a user-friendly app to make finding a ride from anywhere easy and convenient. All you need to do is quickly open the app, enter the address you’d like to visit and confirm, and the app hails the nearest rider for you and gives you an ETA of their arrival along with the expected costs. 

Fast Service

Unlike old cabs, hiring rideshare is quick and doesn’t leave you standing out in the cold. There are almost always Uber or Lyft drivers nearby, and it is very rare to wait more than 15 minutes. 


Cost can be a pro and con. Since rideshare prices vary on many factors and there’s no stability in rideshare pricing, it can fluctuate. In addition, pricing can change based on traffic or even peak pricing. However, hiring rideshare can be more affordable than hiring a cab or car service at times, but the fluctuations in price may not be worth it.


Safety is a leading concern in the world of rideshare. Some say the vetting process for a rideshare driver is not as strict as it should be. There is always the possibility that your driver doesn’t drive with all safety precautions or that your driver could potentially be a dangerous person. Along with the safety, you never know your driver’s level of experience or background and if they’ve received tickets or been in many accidents. 


With a rideshare service, a cancellation can occur by the driver at any time, even after they’ve accepted, and when you’re in a hurry, that can cause issues for you. In addition, it can be a frustrating experience knowing you have to schedule a new pickup.  

Rating System

With rideshare, the rating system works both ways. While it could be an advantage, it can also be a disadvantage if a driver for any reason doesn’t like interaction with you even if innocent, they can give you a poor rating. Having a poor rating on your profile can cause you to have a black mark on your reputation as a rider and make more drivers not want to pick you up.

Limo Service

Hiring a private car service at first may seem like only the rich should invest in, but it’s an option open to all for whatever your travel needs may be. Furthermore, hiring a private service is worth the costs in many ways. So take the stress out of finding a ride. Here are the many reasons why private luxury transportation service is superior in the car service industry and better than rideshare.

Personal Safety

When you hire a private car or a limo service, you can rest assured that you are in good hands. Each driver hired is thoroughly vetted goes through comprehensive background checks before they are allowed behind the wheel. Some companies require drivers to undergo intensive training. When you book a chauffeur driver through a private luxury company, you can guarantee you are riding under the best of the best.

Get The Most For Your Money

When you book a private chauffeur, your price is quoted and isn’t changed once you’ve already agreed throughout any part of the ride, no matter the circumstance. You could suddenly be hit with price hikes during traffic jams or peak pricing with rideshare.


Hiring a private transportation company is a more dependable way to book a ride. There is no risk of a driver suddenly canceling on you and leaving you stranded. Instead, you will be able to rely on a driver to be there precisely when you need them and not be left waiting.

Guaranteed Timeliness

You can experience stress-free travel knowing your driver will get you to your destination safely and on time and assure you that you have a ride when you need it. It takes the guesswork out of hoping to find an affordable Uber or Lyft at the moment.

Group Transportation

Hiring a private limo service allows you to bring along a group of friends or many family members in one ride. Most luxury service companies offer SUVs, stylish vans, and even buses to ensure each party member has a seat.


Most luxury companies have access to top-of-the-line navigation tools to get you to your destination efficiently and safely. Some resorts and destinations may be off the beaten path, but you can be confident you will never be stranded with the right tools.

With Mayflower Limo, you can rest assured that you will be traveling with the best of the best. Get anywhere in Colorado in a private luxury ride with your own professional chauffeur. Mayflower Limo offers a variety of trip options from one way to roundtrip, airport pick up and drop off, or hourly rates, just about anything to fit your transportation needs.

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