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Grand Junction

“Grand Junction, Colorado’s biggest city, serves as a transportation and commerce center between Denver and Salt Lake City.”

The City of Grand Junction is a home rule community in Mesa County, Colorado, United States. It is the county seat and the most populated municipality. According to the 2020 United States Census, the city population was 65,560 people, making Grand Junction the 17th most populated municipality in Colorado and the most populated city in western Colorado. Grand Junction is the primary city of the Grand Junction, CO Metropolitan Statistical Area. Grand Junction is located 247 miles (398 kilometers) west-southwest of Denver. The council-manager system governs the city. It is the largest city in Colorado west of the Front Range Corridor and a key business and transportation hub within the wide span between the Green River and the Continental Range.

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The Name

Grand Junction, Colorado’s biggest city, acts as a transportation and commerce center between Denver and Salt Lake City.

Grand Junction’s ‘Father’

George Addison Crawford is renowned as the “Father of Grand Junction.” Before moving to Colorado, he founded three communities in Kansas. He also had a role in the establishment of Delta, Colorado. After winning the election in Kansas that was rejected owing to a technicality, he became famous as ‘Governor Crawford.’

Grand Junction’s First School

Grand Junction’s first school started in a small log cabin and was quickly moved to the modest brick structure seen in photos at the Grand Junction Museum of the West. Moreover, all of the grades were reported to class in that one little facility.

National Monument

There’s a National Monument just in its backyard. You might camp here, participate in the Star Party, and attend a concert. Moreover, the scenery is breathtaking, and you could even spot a desert bighorn sheep.

Public Transportation in Grand Junction

In 1909, the Grand Junction electric streetcar would start a 10-year run. It would run from 1909 to around 1928. Buses took the place of the ancient trolley cars, which appeared brand new in comparison to the horse-drawn streetcars that came before them.

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