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All about the Denver International Airport (DIA)

Denver, the Mile High City, and the gateway to the Rocky Mountains. The Denver International Airport has you flying into the second largest airport globally. Second only to King Fahd International Airport in Saudi Arabia and the fifth busiest in the United States. DIA opened in 1995 and has been a central travel hub since. At least 69 million people travel through Denver annually.

This airport is twice the size of Manhattan. Yet, contrary to its opening date, it has a rich history full of interesting facts, fascinating mysteries, myths, and conspiracy theories. Yes, I said conspiracy theories. The secretive construction of this monstrosity surely didn’t help to diffuse the chatter, either. In addition, the choice for the murals, sculptures, and other artwork at the airport only continues to help fuel this conspiracy. So, let’s take a look at what makes the Denver international Airport so fascinating.

Denver International Airport

Fun Facts about the Denver International Airport

  • The Denver International Airport is practically a city within itself. There is much interesting information you may want to know about Colorado’s iconic airport.
  • The DIA land covers 53 square miles or 34,000 acres, more extensive than Manhattan, San Francisco, Boston, and Miami. Interestingly enough, the four airports that are busier than DIA could all fit together onto the DIA’s property.
  • The DIA’s monthly water bill is $115,000 on average.
  • To get from one of the three concourses to another, you have to travel by train. The same trains have been in use since 1995.
  • The DIA has a wildlife management program to keep the ground safe for planes to land. The airport primarily attracts birds, but some small mammals like jackrabbits can make their way onto the grounds attracting predatory birds.
  • A time capsule was buried with an opening date of 2094, one hundred years after the construction was completed. The time capsule and the capstone are evidence that the airport could’ve been built by a secret society.
  • The airport’s roof is covered by thin white tents of fiberglass that are meant to resemble the snow-capped mountains of Colorado. The tents also serve as a reminder of the early history of Colorado when Native American teepees were spread across the plains. The roof is kept up by the airport employees and contractors who must be certified for the job specifically.
  • DIA airport is home to an impressive collection of art and murals, one of the best in the world. In addition, DIA features a spectacular Art Program that works with museums curators and art organizations to help them find and display the highest quality art throughout the airport.

More Facts

  • The airport has 30 acres of parking lots and more than 44,255 public parking spaces, which equals the length of 23 football fields.
  • There are two gargoyles statues spread out through the Denver International Airport called the Notre Denver’s and are meant to protect and watch over travelers to ensure the safe arrivals of baggage.
  • DIA or DEN: Often, people will refer to the Denver International airport as either DIA or DEN. The official airport code is KDEN, and DEN would be a shorthand version of the official version. Still, DIA is entirely acceptable, and the airport officials have embraced it as a part of their identity.
  • The statue Mustang weighs in at 9,000 pounds and has a team of professionals to touch up the paint, change the LED bulbs in its eyes, and check for cracks or chips caused by the elements.
  • There is a total of 67 restaurants located in the DIA and more on the horizon.

The cost of the initial airport was expected to be at 1.7 billion dollars, but after completion, the final price tag was closer to 4.8 billion dollars. The construction cost is a source of one of the conspiracy theories that it was built by a secret society. The price went into the supposed miles of underground tunnels and bunkers that may or may not be underneath the airport.

DIA Parking Lot

Conspiracy Theories and Myths

Since the Denver International Airport opening, the mystique surrounding the DIA has been fueled by conspiracy theorists worldwide. It probably isn’t helpful that the airport officials help fuel the wild ideas, but it sure does make for a fun and eccentric history that makes people all the more want to take a trip to Denver.

Secret Societies

One of the more popular conspiracy theories surrounding the Denver International Airport is that it was built by a secret society. No one can quite pin down which secret society it is, but that’s the thing about secret societies. They really don’t share that information. Most believe it was the big three. There’s the Freemasons, one of the world’s oldest secular fraternal organizations dating back to the stonemason lodges of the 14th century. It could have been the Illuminati, a so-called short-lived Enlightenment-era secret society. Or it may have been the New World Order which is believed to be some of the global elites conspiring to overthrow governments to take control of the world.

The most convincing evidence that DIA could have been built by a secret society is centered around a capstone at the airport’s south entrance from March 19, 1994. Within this capstone is a sealed time capsule containing “messages and memorabilia to the people of Colorado in 2094.” The time capsule beneath the capstone supposedly holds coins, a baseball from Coors field, Black Hawk casino tokens, former Denver Mayor Wellington Webb’s sneakers, and some other memorabilia. The braille tablet above the stone is thought to be a keypad, and if you touch the dots in the correct sequence, you can open the time capsule.

The marker depicts the standard Square and Compasses of the Freemasons and contains the names of two grand lodges and grandmasters. Airport officials will tell you it’s only showing the generosity of the local Masonic lodges that crafted the stone.

New World Order

The capstone mentions the New World Airport Commission, which, interestingly enough, there is no evidence this group exists. Many point out this name is suspiciously close to the “New World Order.” Still, it may just be a reference to Czech composer Antonín Dvorak’s “New World Symphony.” It may have just been a temporary commission created to arrange the new airport’s opening festivities.

Denver International Airport Capstone

Underground Tunnels and Bunkers

There is a legend that beneath the Denver International airport lay miles and miles of underground tunnels. There are layers of underground bunkers within these tunnels where the secret societies can ride out the threats of the world. Some believe a 100 mile stretch of tunnels connects to the American Aerospace Defense Command (NORAD) in Colorado Springs. While there are some tunnels underneath the airport, they live to serve the function of the airport. Or that’s what they’d like you to believe.

DIA Underground Tunnel

Lizard People and Aliens

Some believe these bunkers are home to Lizard people or Aliens. The famous worldly conspiracy theory is that lizard people control our world, changing forms as they enter society to rule. The DIA often plays on that theory, especially during the remodel they teased to renovate the Lizard people’s homes.

Apocalyptic Artwork

Denver International Airport is known for its fantastic display of artwork and murals throughout the airport. Many believe some secrets lie within the paintings that are left for the people to interpret. Two 28-foot-wide murals, by Leo Tanguma,  have drawn plenty of attention for their supposed secret clues to the apocalypse; The inevitable rise of a totalitarian world government.

The piece “Children of the World Dream of Peace” would make you think it is about world peace. Instead, the art piece features scenes of war and death, soldiers wearing gas masks wielding swords and machine guns but in contrast, features happy children dressed in traditional clothing laying weapons down under a rainbow. The other feature, “In Peace and Harmony with Nature,” depicts children in mourning over the deaths of three women and the extinction of animals with a backdrop of the environment burning in the background and shifts to children of the world coming together to rehabilitate nature.

The artist meant to express the hopeful desire of people of the world to live in peace, but many focus on the themes of war, death, pollution, and widespread destruction of the environment.

Denver International Airport Artwork

Mustang or Blucifer

The most controversial and storied piece of art is the 32-foot sculpture of a blue horse rearing its hindlegs and officially titled “Mustang”. However, many Denverites prefer it by its clever nickname, “Blucifer” Blucifer features haunting red eyes and a mane that looks more like medusa’s snakes than a horse mane. This frightening sight adds a bit of intrigue.

Artist Luis Jiménez created the “Mustang” to capture the wild spirit of the west. Tragically, this statue was to be his last. A piece of “Mustang” fell and severed an artery in his leg; He was killed in Mexico in June 2006. His children finished his work and unveiled it in February 2008. According to many, the statue is cursed because of “Bluecifer’s” backstory. Some even say that this horse is a representation of one of the Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse.

Conspiracy theorists create these fun backstories instead of the simple boring answers to find meaning.


DEN Park on the Plaza/Pop-up Park

Travel can bring up all kinds of stress, and DIA offers a unique way to unwind and destress. The Park on the Plaza, which opened in 2018, provides a relaxing outdoor space for all travelers. The pop-up Park features native Colorado flora and fun activities made for just about everyone.

Relax in nature while you travel or participate in one of the many available lawn games. Missed your fitness routine due to travel? Take part in one of the lunchtime fitness classes. Check out the gorgeous potted gardens curated by the Colorado State University Landscape Design and Contracting Program. These students carefully selected plants and trees native to the Colorado Plain’s ecosystem, including many low-water plants.

Aside from daily activities, the Park offers year-round events through the Events at DEN series. Events include ice skating, beer tastings, and game events through partnerships with local organizations, artists, and performers. Check out the events here, although many of the regular activities are unavailable this year while following guidelines.

The Park is open to the public without going through security. Visit by taking one of the many public transit systems available or pay to park for only $4/hour in garage parking and $5/short term parking. The Park is located before security at the south end of the Jeppesen Terminal.

The Denver Park on the Plaza is setting a new standard for travel in the United States. People overwhelmingly love having an accessible outdoor space to relax and partake in the many activities. In addition, the Park positively affects the staff working at the airport. It gives them a space to relax and better handle stressful situations.

DEN Pop-up Park

To and From the Airport

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Also, numerous rental car companies provide you with all-wheel drive rental cars; If you prefer to drive yourself.

Denver International Airport is an expansive airport full of activities; Outstanding displays of art, shopping, and leisure. So take time to relax, review the art, and try and find hints of evidence of the conspiracy theories.

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