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Things To Do In Longmont

“Located around an hour north of downtown Denver just west of Interstate 25, Longmont is a city of about 85,000 inhabitants that covers the border among Boulder and Weld Counties.”

Longmont, Colorado is a lovely community in Boulder and Weld Counties, about 30 miles northwest of Denver. Though Longmont is the state’s 13th most populated city, it’s light-years away from the large city to the south. For those looking for fresh air, outdoor recreation, and endless views, it’s the ideal home base from which to explore the Rocky Mountain State. The downtown district has been significantly renovated, and it now has art museums, restaurants, and beautiful public parks.

How Do You Get From Denver Airport To Longmont?

Whether you’re visiting Longmont on vacation or for business, you’ll need to figure out how to get from point A to point B. Unless you are visiting family, you will almost certainly have to pick between renting a car and using the local transportation.

Whether you’re moving to Longmont for the world-class tourist attractions or traveling for business, here are some of the various ways to get from Denver International Airport to Longmont.


“There is no direct bus service from Denver Airport (DEN) to Longmont. There are, however, services that depart from Denver Airport Station Gate 8 and arrive at Main St & 3rd Ave through Downtown Boulder Station Gate 3. The total travel time, including transfers, is around 2h 15m. The distance between Longmont and Denver International Airport (DEN) is 42.7 miles. ”

Buses can be very convenient, with televisions and radios on board, but they can have significant drawbacks.

As buses run on a fixed schedule, these timings may clash with your flight plan. This might result in a massive waste of time, especially if you are traveling to Denver Airport and need to arrive early to avoid being late. It could also mean having to wait for the next bus or train to reach Denver Airport.


“There is no direct train available at this route. However, you can take the train from Denver Airport Station to Union Station Track 1. And from there you can take the bus to S Main St & Delaware Ave, Longmont. This route takes approximately 2 hours and 40 minutes.”

Train rides are everyone’s favorite mode of transportation. However, while there are many positive aspects associated with it, it’s also safe to say that there can be disadvantages. Especially if you are traveling to or from Denver Airport. You are at the mercy of the system when you travel by train. So, this can take multiple changes and a long time to get to somewhere that would be a comparatively short and simple journey by other means.


Uber is also a great way to travel. If you’re traveling to Parker, you can read more about our services here.


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