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Things To Do In Greeley

“Greeley is a city of around 100,000 people in north-central Colorado, between Denver to the south and Cheyenne, Wyoming to the north.”

Whether you’re visiting Greeley for a vacation or staying for a longer period of time, you’ll immediately fall in love with the beautiful town. In fact, there are so many amazing things to do and interesting places to see that you may never want to leave! Greeley is a vital city along the Front Range Corridor, which separates the developed and undeveloped parts of the state.

Greeley visitors have a variety of entertainment options available to them, ranging from casual dining and historical sights to outdoor activities and road excursions to surrounding communities like Fort Collins and Cheyenne.

How Do You Get From Denver Airport To Greeley?

Whether you’re visiting Greeley for entertainment purposes or scenic sights, you’ll need to find out how to get from point A to point B. However, if you’re going to Greeley for the first time, here are some of the different options for getting from Denver International Airport to Greeley.


“There is no direct connection from Greeley to Denver International Airport (DEN). A bus takes approximately 3 hours to get from Denver Airport (DEN) to Greeley, including transfers. The distance between Denver Airport (DEN) and Greeley is 92 km.”

Bus tours are a convenient way to see a variety of destinations and offer a variety of experiences. A bus is ideal for personal usage because it is a low-cost service that includes no driving or stress for the person traveling since they do not have to take control of the vehicle. But is bus travel right for traveling to Greeley from Denver Airport? Probably, it’s Not!

There is no direct bus service from Greeley to Denver Airport (DEN). There are services, however, that depart from Greeley Amtrak Bus Stop and arrive at Denver Airport Station Gate 10 through Union Station Gate B15 and Wagon Road PnR Gate B. The total travel time, including transfers, is around 3h 17m.

Buses are most of the time renowned for being late and not stopping where you want them to stop. Of course they have a specific route to follow. Depending on where you want to go, they can also be costly. Furthermore, the trip may take a longer route than if you had a private car service.


“The train ride from Denver International Airport to Greeley may take the same time as the bus as there is no direct train connection from Greeley to Denver Airport.”

Since trains are the cheapest mode of transportation, it is difficult to find suitable bookings. So the train transport is not suitable in cases of emergency especially if you are about to take a flight. And due to transfers involved, if your bus or train is late while traveling to Denver Airport, you may also miss your flight too.”


Uber is another way to get from the Denver Airport to Greeley.

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