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Centennial Airport

Centennial Airport is located in Centennial, Colorado, the newest city incorporated in February 2001 but was previously called Littleton, Colorado. Centennial is home to over 100,000 residents and growing. This booming city is located just southwest of Denver.

Centennial is growing thanks partly to the location so near to Denver, making it an easy place to commute to and from. The Streets at SouthGlenn offer a desirable shopping experience with the choices of local boutiques and unique restaurants. New craft breweries are beginning to open, giving the locals a place to hang out and enjoy their favorite craft beers without making the trek into Denver.

The Centennial Airport is a small public-use airport for non-commercial aircraft like private or corporate charter planes. Moreover, Colorado is an increasingly popular destination that brings in millions of travelers year-round. Whether to enjoy the wide selection of fun activities of Denver. Or also to ski the snow-capped Rockies. This world-class destination attracts people from all classes in life. Because of this, Centennial Airport is the third busiest non-commercial carrier in the country.

History of the Centennial Airport

The airport was built thanks to George Wallace’s expertise in the aviation field. George Wallace had the vision to create a place where people could work in an atmosphere that would inspire creativity and purchased 40 acres of barren prairie near I-25. George Wallace founded and developed the Denver Technical Center that brought life to the area. As a pilot, Wallace saw a need for an airport near the center. He used his expertise to work with the county to obtain the land, design the buildings and runways, and help arrange the financing.

The Centennial Airport opened on May 12, 1968, initially as Arapahoe County Airport, and was renamed on July 13, 1984. The new name, the Centennial Airport, celebrates Colorado’s admission as the 38th state in 1876 on the centennial of the signing of the Declaration of Independence.

Things to Do at Centennial Airport

Being a non-commercial airport, there isn’t much in the way of activities, but there are a few fantastic adventures for people who have thought about becoming a pilot.

Boeing Blue Sky Aviation Gallery – Wings Over the Rockies 

The Boeing Blue Sky Aviation Gallery is an immersive aviation attraction that gives you a behind-the-scenes look at all things aviation. You can view the latest technology, hop into a flight simulator, listen to live chatter from the towers. The experience is not a museum but more of a firsthand learning encounter where you can see what it’s like to be a pilot and learn what you need to do if you want to learn how to fly.

Discovery Flight

A discovery flight can be purchased from one of the many flight training centers located around the airport. A discovery flight is a way to introduce people to flights when they’re interested in learning to become a pilot. You get to walk through the process step by step by a certified pilot instructor on how to safely fly an aircraft.

Aspen Flight Club

Aspen Flying Club is a group of pilots and flight instructors that offer flight training and recreational flying. Students and licensed pilots can enjoy access to a large fleet of aircraft where they can learn a variety of flight instructions or take a joy ride.

Flight School

Centennial Airport has a wide selection of some of the best flight training schools in the country. Many pilots can learn the ins and outs of flying a plane and learn the proper procedures by joining one of the many institutes located at the airport.

Where to Eat at Centennial Airport

The Avalanche Grill 

The Avalanche Grill is a great spot for grabbing lunch or dinner on the go. The full-service bar and dining offer classic American sandwiches, burgers, salads, and more. While you wait for your flight, watch your favorite sports, or dine on the covered patio that overlooks the Family Sports Golf Course with the captivating views of the mountains as the backdrop.

The Perfect Landing

The Perfect Landing is Centennial Airport’s signature restaurant located on the second floor of the Denver jet center. Choose from a vast selection of great wines while you take in the views of Pikes Peak all the way to Longs Peak.

Noise Complaints

When centennial Airport was opened in 1968, there was nothing but open prairie. Over the years, Centennial has grown into one of the largest cities in Colorado. Home to many flight schools and operators, Centennial Airport, has also expanded into the third-largest general aviation airport in the country. The growth in both of these spaces comes at a small cost.

Airplanes, especially when low to the ground, can be deafening. As the community around the airport increases, so does the number of noise complaints. Centennial Airport has been collaborating closely with the community to run programs such as the Centennial Airport Community Noise Roundtable to hear the community’s needs so they can work together to find a balance.

Getting To and From the Airport

Although not a commercial airport, many people can fly in and out of Centennial Airport on private or corporate charter jets. The Centennial Airport is easy to get to, located just southeast of Denver. Simply by hopping on I-25 S and taking the S Havana St and E Easter Ave exit to E Broncos Pkwy.

Even with such a short drive, getting to and from the airport is the most unenjoyable traveling experience. Mayflower Limo offers luxury airport shuttle services with a gorgeous limo or a stylish 6 passenger SUV to arrive at Centennial Airport in style.

The Centennial Airport isn’t an airport you would normally travel in and out from. But there are a few experiences you might not want to miss in the way of aviation activities.


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